Automated Cycle Hire Stations

Cycle Hire Stations

Our cycle hire docking stations allow you to hire a bike 24hrs a day / 7 days a week.  Hire is available from £1.00 per hour however a minimum of 6 hours must be purchased when first registering.

You can register for membership at any of the stations and all you need is a phone and debit / credit card.  Alternatively, if you wish to pre-register, please telephone 01704 340025 or see the southport cycle hire website for further details.  Details of the locations along with the information flyers, which can be downloaded, are available below:

  • Bikes can be hired from one station and left at another provided there is a space available. 
  • Helmets are not provided at the stations therefore own helmets must be provided if you require one.
  • Easy to follow instructions are available at all stations 


Ocean Plaza Auto Station

Our station in Southport is located in Ocean Plaza.  Located on the Promenade side of the Premier Bowl & Laser centre (just  outside the management office), the station now provides another reason to visit the area.  With great shopping, restaurants and entertainment, Ocean  Plaza is already worth a visit and now you have the chance to include a cycle ride as part of your day.

 Ocean Plaza Cycle Hire details*

Please note that this station is operational from the 1st April to the 30th September inclusive.






Ship At Lathom

Our station in Lathom is located at The Ship, Wheat Lane, Lathom, Ormskirk, L40 4BX.  The Ship is a traditional British pub situated alongside the canal providing a wonderful area to cycle around.  You could always treat yourself to a well earned meal or snack after your cycle ride.

Lathom Cycle Hire details

Please note that this station is operational from the 1st April to the 30th September inclusive.





In Ormskirk, we have two stations located in Edge Hill University which run all year round; the first is just outside the University’s Business School near the swimming pool with the second near to the pedestrian entrance.  

Please see map for locations.

Cycle Hire At Edge Hill


Edge Hill University campus is open to members of the public and therefore access to the stations is available for all.  Why not take advantage of the wonderful facilities Edge Hill has to offer whilst also visiting the many fabulous attractions around the area.

Ormskirk Edge Hill Cycle Hire details - this station is operational 365 days a year


If you have hired a bike from one of our stations, please let us know your thoughts


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